Human Resources

With companies required to meet one of the most complicated Workplace Relations and wage structures in the world, it is hard to keep up with laws, requirements and day to day employee relations that comes with running a business. Serene Workplace Safety can provide a full stack Human Resources (HR) service.

Whether you’re a company that cannot hire a full-time HR expert due to the cost or just that you need outside expert advice, we can help. SERENE can help with over 3,000 forms, documents, policies, procedures and a team of expert staff. We can help manage the complete human resources of your company, or ad hoc services such as creating documents. What even your need is, we have the flexibility to find a solution that suits you.

HR Services

To help you grow we offer a range of services including;


  • Complete start to finish day to day HR services
  • Employee contracts
  • Policy creation
  • Company and employee advice
  • Calculation of wages
  • On-boarding new staff

Advantages of outsourcing HR

Systemised Approach

HR companies will have multiple clients. To achieve efficiency they develop systems and then duplicate with other clients. They become experts at their HR system.


Outsourced HR will just run in the background. All you pay and compliance issues are handled by someone else. You pay your HR provider to make everything work.

Focus on your business

Outsourcing some, or all of your HR, allows your staff to focus on your core business.

Why choose SERENE?

Plug and Play

SERENE uses a systemised approached to everything we do. We know that being systemised is faster with less errors resulting to higher productivity. We have our HR systems down pat. With a few minor tweaks to suit your business, we are ready to roll.

Expert Knowledge

Our background is workplace safety, HR, and compliance. We are experts at knowing current Australian Employment laws. We save you time

Process Driven

Our plug and play HR system is heavily process driven. It’s a systemised approach that covers all compliance bases.


We provide everything from document preparation to a fully outsourced HR solution. You can pick and choose the services that you need. We’ll put together a customised solution that suits your needs and budget.


Our systemised approach saves you time and money. You don’t have go through a costly recruitment process, provide training, rehire people when they leave, or cover for people when they are on leave. We’re with you from the get go, fully trained, with no downtime.

Get in Touch

Looking for an outsourced HR solution? Serene Safety have developed our own Human Resources System. It’s robust but at the same time simple. Our system is highly effective and affordable. Our systems based approach means very few errors. It allows you to concentrate on your business while we seamlessly handle your HR needs in the back ground. For a free consultation, get in touch with SERENE today. We have expert HR consultants ready to take your call.