Safety Training

Safety Training

Serene Safety provide both online and onsite safety training for Australia businesses. As an employer, you are responsible for providing a safe work place. Part of this is ensuring your staff are properly trained in safety. Your staff must know their State or Territory Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation  that is  applicable to their job.  They must know what is needed for compliance, as well as what their specific role-related risks are, how to control that risk, and what to do in an emergency.

What does Workplace Safety Training Entail?

Every industry has differences in safety requirements, and every business within an industry will have nuances that change what they need to do to be compliant.

  • Understanding your State or Territory WHS Act, and how it applies to your business (Occupational Health and Safety training)
  • How to carry out work safety according to your safety policies and procedures document
  • Risk management training for managers and supervisors so they can satisfy their legal requirement of “reasonable care”
  • Refresher Workplace Safety Training

What different types of training are available?


  • General work safety training
  • Staff training
  • Manager and supervisor training
  • Fire Safety training
  • Asbestos awareness training
  • Work safety at heights training
  • Confined spaces training

Why your company should get WHSE Training

  • Health and Safety Training is mandatory in many industries
  • To provide your staff with a safe workplace
  • To up-skill your managers and supervisors in WHS compliance
  • To up-skill your managers and supervisors in training staff
  • To up-skill your staff on how to respond to emergencies

Why use Serene Safety for WHS Training?


Our team are experts in all State and Territory WHS laws and how they differ from industry to industry. We are more than happy to impart our in depth occupational health and safety knowledge and experience on your workforce.


We can customise training specific to your industry, and your business. We have a set process we go through to develop appropriate training for your business.  Whatever your needs are, we can design a custom safety training that suits you.


We are capable of providing full-stack safety training for all of your business, or specific  occupational health and safety courses as you need them.

Choice of Onsite or Online

Depending on what type of training is involved, we have options for both online and onsite training. Call us today to find out more details.

Cost Effective

Having your staff trained by WHS experts is cost effective. With specific policies and processes in place, your staff will be efficient at carry out WHS related tasks. Morale and confidence from the training boosts productivity. The reduced risk also saves you money – paying for training is cheaper than the fall-out from an accident that could have been avoided had staff been properly trained.

How we can Help

If your company is lacking awareness in WHS, then you should engage in a professional worksafe expert to increase the safety of staff and at the same time mitigate risk. Our expert team is available onsite, offsite, in all States and Territories, right now. For more information, fill out our quote form or give us a call.