Workplace Drug Testing

Serene Safety provide a number of workplace drug testing options including the creation of drug and alcohol policies and procedures. Drug and alcohol abuse is societal problem. Unfortunately, part of that is that it filters into the workplace. The risks associated with drug and alcohol use in the workplace include;

  • Impaired judgement resulting in errors that can increase work needed to complete a task, or result in unhappy or lost customers
  • Reduced productivity of the particular person involved
  • Reduced productivity of colleagues due to the behaviour and performance of the person involved
  • Accidents and injuries due to impairment.

Up until recently workplace drug testing has typically been used in the sports, medical,  and legal fields. Although there are no specific laws in Australia, it’s becoming more common. It has become the norm for industries that high injury rates, or where safety is critical.  Industry sectors where drug and alcohol testing is common include mining, transport, aviation, construction, and manufacturing. Employers are obliged to provide a safe workplace to their employees. Conversely, employees are entitled to work in a safe environment.

Drug and Alcohol  Testing

If you’re in heavy industry where safety is critical then you should be testing your workforce. Serene Safety can provide three different methods of onsite workplace drug testing depending on your needs.  Workplace drug and alcohol testing are used for a number of reasons,

  • Post Incidents
  • Periodic testing
  • Return to duty
  • Condition of being hired

Drug and Alcohol Policies and Procedures

If you plan to test your staff for drugs and alcohol then you will need to develop policies and procedures. Although there are no specific laws around workplace drug testing, you do have to comply to Australia’s Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS), as well as to the relevant State or Territory labour laws.

You need to have policies around testing methods, conditions for requiring a test, frequency of testing, and procedures for when you get a positive case. You also have to consider pre-emptive education, as well as rehabilitation, and return to work conditions.

Serene Safety are experienced in creating robust and appropriate drug and alcohol policy and procedures documents for a range of industry sectors. We understand what the industry standards are in Australia and can provide your business a policies and procedures document that is appropriate for your industry, and specific to your business.

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Our safety experts have many years experience in safety-critical industries. We understand what is the appropriate level of testing for your industry. We can develop Drug and Alcohol Policies and Procedures specific to your industry, and your business. We can train your staff on how to manage those policies and procedures, as well as carry out the testing as per the policies and procedures document. We can help you increase your productivity, maintain compliance, and reduce accidents and injuries by having a safe work place. If you’re considering a having a drug and alcohol policy, or implementing drug and alcohol testing, then get in touch with us.