Chain Of Responsibility

Chain of Responsibility (CoR) Laws govern the Heavy Vehicle Industry and are designed so that everybody that has a role within the supply chain share responsibility.

That sounds quite simple right?

That’s the problem, Chain of Reasonability and laws and legislation brought forward from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) can’t be any further away from simplicity. Since the new laws have come into play we have seen the regulators issuing fines, prohibitions, and other penalties. It’s not just the transport companies being penalised either – drivers, loaders, managers, warehousing staff, and any other person within the supply chain are susceptible to incur penalties. Penalties can range from fines to jail time.


What are the Chain of Responsibility laws?

In a nutshell, the laws make anyone in the supply chain of a heavy vehicle incident responsible. Every person involved in that supply chain now has compliance responsibilities. The aim of the NHVR is to increase compliance with a goal of reducing HVI related incidents.


How do we comply?

The Heavy Vehicle National Laws (HVNL) use the terminology ” Demonstrate reasonable steps” a lot. It may seem ambiguous to the inexperienced, but a good Heavy Vehicle Industry (HVI) safety consultant will know exactly what “reasonable steps” mean.

Ensuring staff are trained, Correct documents, ensuring drivers do not exceed working hours might sound like reasonable steps but it goes way beyond this. Reasonable steps are policies, procedures, practices and communication to ensure each person with in the supply chain understand what’s required so that the movement of heavy vehicles is done in a safe manner. Policies and procedures need to address safety methods in relation to fatigue, mass, dimension, loading, and speed compliance.

At Serene Safety, our dedicated Chain of Responsibility staff can ensure you are compliant from start to finish within the supply chain. We use our own in-house COR system that has been specifically developed for the Australian transport industry. We customise it to your specific requirements to ensure you are not only brought up to compliance, but can easily maintain compliance. Our system checks all boxes but maintains simplicity for ease of ongoing management.

We can introduce small measures to plugs gaps, or we can implement out whole system. We can either train your staff how to manage the system, or we can manage it for you. Whatever your needs are, we can cater.

How SERENE SAFETY can help

It’s clear that the NHVR wants to improve the safety standards in the transport industry. They have put everyone in the supply chain on notice. For most companies, the change in regulations is a nightmare. Putting things in place to attain the new compliance standard is not simple. The most effective way to deal with this is using an experienced safety consultancy who has specific experience in COR for the transport industry.

SERENE has already worked with transport companies to have prohibitions successfully lifted. If you need help with pre-emptive compliance, or having an order lifted, get in contact with us.