Trusted Workplace Safety Provider in Toowoomba

Are you in search of a dependable workplace safety company in Toowoomba? Discussing your office security requirements with a Toowoomba Workplace Safety Consultant will be a great idea. And if you are interested in that, contact Serene Workplace Safety. With years of hard work and dedication, we have earned a reputation in the industry as a reliable workplace safety company. Providing Work Health and Safety (WHS) services to Australian businesses are our specialisation. Our objective is to assure maximum workplace safety.

Just like our team covers all geographic regions, we also cover all industry sectors including transport, civil, manufacturing, mining, construction, and more. We aim to diminish workplace accidents while keeping Australian businesses compliant. Our team of professional consultants work onsite and offsite as well. Our all-inclusive approach features consulting, managing, auditing, inspecting, investigating, training, and everything in between. From work safety Toowoomba, return to work Toowoomba, workplace drug testing Toowoomba, human resources Toowoomba, to safety training Toowoomba, incident management Toowoomba – we can help you out with all these. Do you have any queries? Talk to our WHS consultant.

Work safety & Return to Work in Toowoomba

Since we are considered Australia’s leading Workplace Safety specialists, we keep our clients’ compliant and reduce safety risks. We try to reduce accidents and fatalities in the workforce. Apart from WHS compliance obligations, employees need a safe working environment. And our objective is to make it happen. In association with accredited Return To Work (RTW) specialists, we act as Return To Work experts. We facilitate both a complete service and only a consultation service. To suit your business requirements, we offer a tailored solution. We assess the negative factors as well as the positive factors of returning to work. Thereafter, we strive to minimise an injury cost and do our best so injured employees get the best returns.

Workplace Drug Testing in Toowoomba

Not only do we specialise in onsite drug testing, but also we create workplace drug and alcohol policies and methods. Serene Workplace Safety offers 3 methods of onsite workplace drug testing and we provide that as per the needs of customers. You can trust us since our safety specialists hold years of experience in the relevant industries.

Human Resources & Safety Training in Toowoomba

Contact us for a complete range of facilities along with complete day to day HR solutions. Do you seek an outsourced HR solution? Contact us. Our Human Resources System is not only robust and effective, but also it is simple and affordable. It will allow you to concentrate on your business while we will meet your HR needs. Are you interested to train your staff for WHS compliance? If yes then look no further than us. We offer both online and onsite workplace safety training options. Talk to our experts regarding better staff safety and reducing risk.

Incident Management in Toowoomba

For complete incident management, investigation and future company cost assessment for every incident, contact us. Apart from accredited lead ICAM investigator staff we also offer 24/7 incident management for different industries. Want to talk to our experts in this regard? Call us today.


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